By using any of our service, client agrees to abide by the Amgray Logistics LLC terms and Conditions.
  • I acknowledge that after 10 business days, a storage fee of $10 per day will begin to accrue for all items listed on receiving form at time of drop off. After 20 business days the late fee will increase to $20 per day.
  • I acknowledge that if after 30 days my account is still open and unpaid, all items will be removed from Amgray Logistics premises and discarded.
  • I acknowledge that I must list all items and provide the actual value of all items for US customs export declaration.
  • I acknowledge that Amgray Logistics does not carry insurance to cover any loss of any kind and shall be free from all liability or claims for damages to the property stored or shipped.
  • I acknowledge that if my goods are delivered without me being present, I have 48hrs to make proper payment and submit required documentation or I am subject to hauling at my own expense and my goods will not ship. It is my sole responsibility to follow up on status of paperwork, and payment.
  • I acknowledge that my package will not be released upon arrival at destination if balance and any additional fees are not paid in full.
  • I acknowledge that if there is a custom hold on my goods, I am responsible for the customs fee and inspection.
  • I acknowledge that any personal arrangement I make with Amgray Logistics staff in terms of my goods, Amgray Logistics should not be held liable for any occurrences.
  • I acknowledge that all fraudulent items will be handed over to the right authorities.