Who We Are ?

Amgray Global is a full serviced logistics service provider headquartered in Texas. We work with clients in the USA and abroad to support their domestic and international logistics needs via roads, air and sea transport. We also offer services in international passport renewals, e-commerce sending and receiving money anywhere in the world.

At Amgray Global, we proudly stand head and shoulders above our numerous competitors offering logistics services and technology allows us to provide services that offer a high degree of reliability while remaining cost-effective.
Our air freight service provides a turnkey service for international air shipment needs. We work to ensure that your long-distance freight is delivered on time on a consistent basis.

At AMGRAY our sea freight services profess the best way to handle large scale international logistics needs.

Our Mission

We are committed to constantly meet our customers’ expectation through innovative delivery and financial solutions.

Our Vision

AGI will be Nigerians leading logistic and financial company in the diaspora.

Our Core Values

Our core values are simply developed from the acronym ‘AGI’
A (Accessibility and Accountability)
G (Good customer care and Generative)
I (Innovative and Impressive)